Limerick Celeb Circuit #1

February 27, 2009

Alright crankyreaders. Over the coming weeks, I’m gonna be giving the lowdown on some of those figures in Limerick that really are at the forefront of  the glittering social scene; those that can regularly be seen at various charity balls, launches of fake tan solariums, celebrity tv stars dj sets, biscuit tin openings, and the back pages of the Limerick Post.

First up, it is this beast:


Yep, Leo The Lion. The all-dancing, all-shaking, all-posing for photos after matches, and regular taunter of referees, Limerick FC mascot even has his own fanpage on social networking’s achilles heel bebo

Many a time Captain Crankypants has sat down at a bar stool as Leo drank a double saucer of milk, and listened to him reminisce on his nights out with various local models and vagabonds, which invariably ended at Supermacs with Leo ordering up his beloved taco fries.

Leo is quite the man, loved by fans of the Super Blues, and more than willing to dish out the half-time entertainment or just entertainment during the game when the footy gets dour.

With Limerick FC’s first game of the 2009 season coming up next week away at UCD, the lion suit will be donned once again.

Leo the Lion, we salute you.


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